Boundaries, Co-Dependence & Attachments

What would your life look like if you were free to be yourself?

Want to learn how to gain control of your life and make your own decisions without guilt?

Join Danisa for this 3-module course as she empowers you to live your life to the fullest!

Boundaries, Co-Dependence & Attachments

This course includes 3 modules of 25 minute teachings, followed by time for self-reflection and accompanying study guides.


You'll gain the knowledge and power to establish and maintain healthy boundaries so you can enjoy a relationship without losing yourself in it. You will be able to form solid attachments and live free of codependency.


This course will help you understand your individuality and that of your partner. You’ll learn how to relate and attach to each other in healthy ways and stay away from codependent patterns.

Your Instructor

Danisa Suarez

Sex Therapist, Relationship Expert, Author

I want you to take back control of your life and relationships...

I designed this course for anyone who struggles to understand and establish healthy boundaries in their relationships. Learn how to start a relationship (romantic or not) without the fear of being taken advantage of.

Whether you've been married for decades or still haven't found the one, you deserve to experience God's best in every relationship.

As a sex therapist, I’ve heard too many stories of couples who have a hard time communicating their needs to each other. But after completing this course, you will have confidence and clarity about your emotional health. You will be able to establish much-needed boundaries, form healthy attachments in your relationships, and break with codependent behaviors.

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Boundaries, Co-Dependence & Attachments

Gain access to the course where you will find freedom, healing, and confidence!

Learn the truth about healthy relationships

Build your self-confidence

Develop meaningful relationships

Understand the benefits of healthy boundaries

Identify codependent behaviors and manipulation

Understand why you attach the way you do

Do you want to experience meaningful relationships?

​Can you identify the difference between your needs and someone else’s?

​Do you feel others take advantage of you?

​Do you know why you form attachments the way you do?

Do you truly love yourself like you love others?

​Do you have a hard time saying ¨no¨?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Boundaries, Co-Dependence & Attachments online course is for you!

Boundaries, Co-Dependence & Attachments

Overcome Your Shortcomings and Develop Your Personal Action Plan Right Now!

The Boundaries, Co-Dependence & Attachments online course will provide the right tools to bring out the strong and healthy emotional individual you are meant to be!

Understand what you need to be emotionally healthy and independent

Identify the 3 enemies that can get in the way of your emotional and relational fulfillment

Discover and acknowledge your individual needs to yourself and those you are in relationship with

Gain the confidence to know how to set boundaries and be able to say “No”

Course Curriculum

Module 1 – Sex, A Great Idea

Module 2 – Sex for Two

Module 3 – The Color of Sex

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this really work?

Knowledge always works, especially when it comes to topics involving so much confusion. The Boundaries, Co-Dependence & Attachments E-Course gives you the information needed to build a solid sense of self, including identifying your needs and how to fulfill them.

How much does it cost?

This 3-module e-course is available for a one-time payment of $49.97 $24.97.

When will I see results?

People typically begin discovering a deeper understanding of themselves, their attachment style, their unhealthy boundaries, and bad codependency habits immediately during class. Upon completion, you will formulate your personal action plan and follow through on commitments to yourself.

If you are a couple, taking the course together will make it easier to start communicating and establish new healthy ways to relate and attach.

What if I stay the same?

We guarantee that at the very least, you will be able to understand yourself better as well as assess and articulate your emotional and behavioral goals as an individual, as well as in a relationship.

Why should I trust you?

Life and relationships are complex, that’s why the cookie-cutter approach often fails. An empathetic professional with enough experience to understand the mosaic of layers of your life is what we can offer. You can rest assured that you will be provided with evidence-based results and strategies to become the woman, man, or couple you are meant to be.

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Connect with Jorge & Danisa!

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